International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information

Mission Statement

The International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information has been established to promote international cooperation and understanding for research and education in relativistic quantum information science.

What is Relativistic Quantum Information

Quantum theory and general relativity, while highly successful in their respective domains, are ultimately incompatible. Their mathematical languages are very different as well as their conceptual bases. A unifying theory of quantum gravity ‎is needed.

However, due to the vastness of the technical and conceptual gap between general relativity and quantum theory, compounded by the scarcity of experimental evidence in the quantum gravity regime, the theory of quantum gravity is still, even after more than half a century, very much a work in progress.

With the beginning of the 21st century, however, an at first seemingly unrelated development has begun to make an impact in the field of quantum gravity:  the development of quantum information theory.  

While quantum information theory was originally discussed mostly in terms of non-relativistic quantum mechanics, recent years have seen increasing research interest in placing quantum information within the more fundamental framework of quantum field theory.

Our field of Relativistic Quantum Information (RQI) is concerned with the next logical step: to place quantum information theory within the yet more fundamental framework of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. From this still relatively safe ground, explorations are then made into black hole physics, cosmology and into various approaches of quantum gravity. Vice versa, we are also very interested in applications of the newfound techniques, such as new ways to control entanglement, in the more traditional application areas of quantum information theory: quantum communication, quantum simulation, quantum computing and quantum metrology.


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